Alfredo Plessmann III

The path through Architecture and Sound Engineering schools in Venezuela first shaped my vision. In my early 20s I moved to the US in pursuit of a design career, After Graphic Design I spent 10 years In New York with film and photography schools, learning from icons such as Ivan Julian, Nitin Vadukul, Paul Warner, Jaime Permuth and David Carson. I'm currently in Moscow learning Russian culture and designing sunglasses.

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"An inevitable subconscious idea of a ghost I call Thoughts."

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Electric discharges reveal themselves as large scale floating bubbles when my memory is triggered. When my camera is invaded by your spirit, nothing else appears. I shot one and another until 200.

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By the local market in Berlin, I found square sunglasses. The initial inspiration for Square one series. The lens color mimics the temperature of my Thoughts.

% от продаж этой модели достается художнику



Around Financial District, NY