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Ushakova Design


Maria Ushakova

"I'm in town". That's her line on our short film. In real life, one day she's in Paris, next day Los Angeles and all of the sudden she's "in town" again. An eclectic but elegant interior design aesthetics & persona: balanced and soft. Masha Ushuva's upbringing in both Moscow, Russia and California, as well as her travels throughout Europe, instilled in her a deep appreciation for design and wanderlust. As an interior designer, Masha combines her diverse cultural influences to create beautiful and functional spaces that embody global aesthetics. Drawing on her childhood memories, she passionately designs spaces that are both eclectic and reflective of her global experiences. Masha's commitment to the balance of form and function empowers her to surpass expectations and craft unforgettable spaces.



"Spreading the love with elegance"

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hello, why are you here?

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Sunset by Ushakova. What a journey. While we prepare a video, here's a surprise. One of the 10 sunglasses comes with this nice water bottle.

% от продаж этой модели достается художнику

Citizen 2.0: SUNSET x USHAKOVA

I love Masha, she's an outstanding human. Probably a superhero.


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