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Ushuva x Marina Taylhardt

Marina Taylhardt

Marina Taylhardat is a multi-talented individual with a passion for fashion, art, music, food, travel, and adventure. She is the founder of Ushuva, a handmade Venezuelan/South American fair-trade and sustainable brand that produces great quality products without harming the environment. Marina believes in shared value and wants her employees to feel valuable and special as part of the company. She is socially committed to several public schools and Venezuelan NGOs. Ushuva's clothes are a must-have because of their originality, comfort, and unique design details.



Taylhardat promotes sustainable and fair trade fashion + prioritizes employees wellbeing and represents an influential voice in Venezuela.

3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Asset 1new.jpg

Alfredo me propuso esta comunicación que captura Ushuva de una manera muy interesante y sutil.

% от продаж этой модели достается художнику

Citizen 2.0: USHUVA

Numbered Edition of 50

Flip-up mechanism

Stainless Steal

Hypoallergenic Paint

Silver and Silicone Nose piece

100% UV filter

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